That‘s what our guests and permanent campers say about us:

The Arnumer Lake is a nature paradise for campers in houses and in tents and offers a piece of freedom far away from a stressful everyday life. The beauty of the nature, the stunning view upon the lake and the absolute silence: Living here is the best - that is what all permanent campers agree on.

„The tent in the old days - the house today. In the past we went camping in tents, but over the years it started being very uncomfortable. I wanted something bigger and more beautiful“, says luxury camper Hilde Sommerfeld and talks about her house of 40 sq. ground area.

There is space in the smallest house, knows Ms. Gericke, because she is living on 8 sq. If you ask her where her bed is she replies: “You are sitting on it. If I let down the table and turn over the seat cushions I end up with a surface of 1.45 x 2 meter to sleep on."

„The silence, the beauty of the nature, the trick fountains, the light shows on the lake, the mirroring on the lake during the blue hour when the wind stops blowing and a silence arises, this all fascinates me. The best you can do is to sit down and dream“, raves Margrit Glende living with her dogs in a small wood house on the camping site Arnumer Lake.


On the camping site Arnumer Lake luxury is defined as follows:

A leased double allotment with three houses.

The smoking-pavilion in which smoking is possible even on bad weather days, the guest house for friends, relatives and grand-children and the 40 sq. ground area of the main house, that offers enough space for the whole family.

The big garden offers plenty opportunities to play and to enjoy the sun on the fancy terrace.

For cold days and when it‘s getting too wet outside to have a barbecue, the main house offers a vast kitchen and a comfortable dinette as well as a home cinema and numerous couches where you can relax. 


A paradise in the nature for campers in houses and in tents:

At the Arnumer Lake, you can find birds, gooses and ducks living around the lake.

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